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Application for Certification

The Application and Review Process

Application for certification as a veterinary technician must be made using the Board's form. A completed application which has been submitted to the Board office is valid for a period of one (1) year. Applications are reviewed by the Board and certificates issued to qualified candidates at its January and June Board meetings. All completed applications, other required documents, and all related fees must be received at the board office by the first day of the month in which they will be reviewed. Any applicant taking and passing the Idaho Veterinary Technician Jurisprudence Examination and not wanting to be certified at the next review by the board shall be allowed the return of the certification fee portion of the application fee only. Effective July 1, 2009, fingerprint-based criminal background checks are required of all new applicants.

Temporary Certification

The Board may, at its discretion, issue a temporary certification. The temporary certification is valid for one (1) year or until the next certification review by the board, whichever comes first, and under no circumstances will a second temporary certification be issued to the same person. A temporary certification will not be issued to any applicant whose certification, license or registration has been revoked in any state for a reason other than nonpayment of fees or failure to fulfill the renewal requirements. An applicant granted a temporary certification must provide notarized verification of twelve (12) months of active practice during the past year as a veterinary technician in another state or perform all veterinary technology procedures under the direct supervision of the employing Idaho-licensed veterinarian.

Inactive Certification

Any technician certified in Idaho who advises the Board, in writing, that they wish to remain certified in Idaho, but does not intend to actively practice veterinary technology in the State of Idaho and, therefore, does not intend to meet the certification requirements for an active certificate for the current licensing year, will be transferred from Active to Inactive status, and will be required to pay Inactive status renewal fees as prescribed in the rules of the Board. Any person may transfer from inactive to active status by making written application for reinstatement to active status, paying all required fees and by meeting other requirements for reinstatement as defined by the rules of the board.

Expiration and Renewal of Certification

A certification to practice veterinary technology in the state of Idaho is valid for a period of one (1) year. All certificates shall expire annually on July 1, but may be renewed by submission of the completed and signed renewal form prescribed by the Board, submission of a continuing education report for the appropriate hours of continuing education, by meeting other requirements as defined in the rules adopted by the Board, and payment of all applicable fees.

On or about May 1, the Board mails a notice to each certified veterinary technician whose certification expires on July 1 of that year, and provides a form for renewal. The Board then issues new certificates to all qualified veterinary technicians certified under the Veterinary Practice Act. Within thirty (30) days of the date a certification expires due to non-renewal, certification may be reinstated by paying the established late fee, the renewal fee, and by fulfilling any other requirements of the Rules of the State of Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine.

It is the responsibility of each certified veterinary technician to notify the Board office of any change of address. Failure to receive a renewal form from the board does not constitute an excuse for failure to pay the renewal fee and completion of the prescribed form.

Once a certification has expired, a veterinary technician may not perform technician duties until the certification has been reinstated, or until the technician has applied for and received a new certification. Any person who practices as a veterinary technician after the expiration of a certification and who fails to renew or reinstate the certification shall be practicing in violation of Veterinary Practice Act.

April 12, 2019