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Frequently-Asked Questions

The Board office receives many requests for information or clarification. The most commonly asked questions and their answers are listed here. If, after reviewing the material in the other sections of this website and the questions below, you are still unclear about an issue, please contact the Board office.

General Information

What is the difference between the State Veterinarian's Office and the Board of Veterinary Medicine?

They are two different state agencies, independent from each other, but working closely together on some issues. The State Veterinarian's Office is part of the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries, and regulates, for example, raising of livestock, aquaculture, and commercial elk farming as part of Idaho's diverse Agriculture. The Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine regulates and licenses/certifies the individuals in the professions of veterinary medicine, veterinary technology, and humane animal euthanasia.

When can an animal left in the veterinarian's care without payment be considered abandoned?

See Idaho Code 25-3512.

Can a veterinarian hold and put a lien on my animal?

Yes. See Miscellaneous Liens, Idaho Code 45-805 and 45-806.

What is the phone number for the Idaho Humane Society?

(208) 342-3508

Can you recommend an Idaho veterinarian?

The Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine does not recommend veterinarians. The Idaho Veterinary Medical Association publishes a list of its member clinics, or you may wish to check with the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Does the client/animal owner have a right to a copy of his animal's medical records?

Yes, and if you choose to change veterinarians, per your request, your former veterinarian is required to send copies or a case summary of your animal's records to your new veterinarian.

My pet died while under a veterinarian's care. Do I still need to pay for the services?

The Board has no jurisdiction over the fees a veterinarian charges, or over billing policies. You will need to settle the bill between yourself and the veterinarian.

How do I find out if a veterinarian was negligent or committed malpractice while caring for my animal?

You may send a letter of Concern/Complaint to the Board office if you suspect any wrongdoing on the veterinarian's part, and the Board will investigate the incident.

How do I file a complaint or get the Board to investigate a situation?

See the section of this website on filing a complaint.

Can I speak to the president of the Board?

The president of the Board does not work daily at the Board office. Board members meet in January and June at the Board office. Additional meetings in the spring and fall are scheduled as necessary. In the meantime, Board business is conducted by the Board's office staff.

Animal Health

Can you send me more prescription/health certificate blanks?

Please call the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries at (208) 332-8540.

I want to bring an animal/pet into Idaho, or take an animal/pet from Idaho to another state/country. What do I need to do?

Please call the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries at (208) 332-8540.

Someone is abusing/neglecting their animals. What agency can investigate and correct this problem?

Report the abuse to the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries at (208) 332-8540.

I found a bat, etc. What do I do with it?

Call the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries at (208) 332-8540.

I was bitten by a dog. How do I find out if I need a rabies shot?

Contact your family practitioner or other medical professional.

I am new to the area. Can the Board recommend a veterinarian to me?

The Board cannot recommend one veterinarian over another. You may wish to consult with the state professional veterinary society, the Idaho Veterinary Medical Association.

Does the Board certify equine dentists?


What can an equine dentist do in Idaho?

A non-veterinarian equine dental care provider may perform preventive dental procedures as defined by Idaho Code Section 54-2103 (13)(a); however, the dental care must be conducted under the direct supervision of an Idaho-licensed veterinarian. Direct supervision means the supervising veterinarian is on the premises where the animal is being treated, is quickly and easily available, and the animal has been examined by the supervising veterinarian as acceptable veterinary medical practice requires. Only a licensed veterinarian may extract teeth in Idaho.

How do I find out if an individual is in good standing, or has been disciplined by the Board?

You can call the Board office at (208) 332-8588 and get a license verification over the phone. If you need a written certification, please submit a written Public Records Request. Email is accepted as a written request.

How do I get a copy of the disciplinary action against an individual?

Submit a written Public Records Request to the Board office. Email is accepted as a written request.

How do I find out if an individual is currently being investigated by the Board?

Such information is not subject to Idaho's Public Records Law and, therefore, cannot be disclosed.

How do I get a list of individuals licensed/certified in Idaho?

Currently, a written request for the information needs to be submitted to the Board office. The information is available with many different parameters and in several different formats. Before sending the request, it might be advisable to contact the Board office to get the format that best suits your needs or computer's abilities. Email is accepted as a written request.

Can I get address labels for current licensees and certificants?

Yes, but you will need to provide the blank labels and a postmarked return envelope along with your written request.

Can I speak to the State Veterinarian?

Please call the Idaho Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Industries at (208) 332-8540. The State Veterinarian is not employed by the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary Medical Licensure

What does it take to get an Idaho veterinary license?

  • Proof of Graduation from an AVMA-accredited college or university. Idaho also accepts applicants from both the PAVE and ECFVG programs
  • Proof of a passing score on the North American Veterinary Medicine Exam (NAVLE) or the National Board Exam (NBE)
  • A passing score on the Idaho Jurisprudence Exam, as prepared by the Board or its designee
  • Payment of all application fees
  • A completed application form, as prepared by the Board or its designee
  • A completed fingerprint card, to allow a criminal background report
  • Review of the application and all accompanying documents by the Board members in January and June of each year

Where do I get an application for licensure/certification?

Please send an email with your name and mailing address to the Board Office. An application packet will be mailed to you immediately upon receiving your request. Please specify what type of licensure/certification you desire. You can also download the Application Form from this website. If you choose to download the application, remember that the fingerprint card and Idaho Jurisprudence exam will still have to be mailed out to you. Please contact the Board office for these documents.

When can I sit for the Idaho Jurisprudence exam?

The Idaho Jurisprudence exam is an open-book test, which is included in the Application Packet. You can complete the test any day, in the comfort of your home, but the completed exam will have to be returned to the Board office by no later than June 1st or January 1st.

How often can I take the Jurisprudence Examination, and do I have to pay the examination fee every time?

You may retake the exam at three-month intervals, if you did not earn a passing score of at least 90% on the first attempt. Currently the Board is not charging a fee for re-administering the exam, unless the exam is required as part of a disciplinary settlement or consent order.

Does the Board accept payment by credit card?

Yes. Go to: aand us the quick pay option. The invoice number is found on the annual renewal form. New applicants can contact the board office to have an invoice number set up for them if needed. Otherwise The Board accepts payment of fees in the form of personal checks or money orders.

Can I drop my application off or do I have to mail it?

Whichever you choose.

How do I get to your office?

Detailed maps can be viewed and downloaded from our Contact page.

I am a military veterinarian that just transferred to Idaho. Do I need an Idaho veterinary license?

Not as long as you are practicing in your capacity as a military veterinarian on base. If you leave base and treat non-military animals, you will need to have an Idaho veterinary license.

I am a foreign graduate. Can I get licensed in Idaho?

That depends on whether or not you received a degree, whether your veterinary college is recognized by the AVMA, whether you have enrolled in the ECFVG or PAVE program or completed it. You should contact the Board office with your special circumstances.

Where do I get an application to sit for the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)/ Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE)?

For an application to sit for the NAVLE or VTNE, please contact the American Association of Veterinary State Boards at: 816-931-1504 ext. 226 or go to

I can't find my license. Can you send me a copy?

We have no copies of your license on file. The original license was mailed to you. Board staff can reprint your license and mail it to your address of record. If you wish to change the name on your license, there is a $25.00 fee to reprint a new license, unless the name change is requested as part of the license renewal process.

Can you send a letter of good standing to another State Board of Veterinary Medicine?

Yes. Please send a written request to disclose your licensing information to the Board office. Include a check or money order in the amount of $20.00, payable to the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine. Board staff will create that document, or, if the licensing jurisdiction has its own form that needs to be completed by the Idaho Board, submit that form to the Board office along with the $20.00 fee.

How can I convert my inactive license to active status?

  • Contact the Board office to request a Conversion Application be mailed to you
  • Submit the completed application to the Board
  • Pay the difference in license fees
  • Pay the reactivation fee
  • Provide evidence of completion of the required continuing education credits
  • Provide verification of license in good standing from all the licensing jurisdictions where you have held an active license to practice veterinary medicine and surgery since converting to inactive status in Idaho

My license expired. How can I get it reinstated?

If your license has not been expired for more than 30 days, you may reinstate it and pay the late fee. If it has expired for more than 30 days, you will need to re-apply for licensure. Please contact the Board office for details.

I got married/divorced and want to change the name on my license/wall certificate.

Once you submit a written request to change your name, along with legal documentation of the name change, we can reprint your license and wall certificate. There is a $25.00 fee for this service. If the change of the name on your license is not immediately necessary, you can request the name change when you renew your license in June, if you attach legal documentation. Your license will then be renewed under your new name, at no additional cost.

I changed my clinic name / moved my clinic and need a copy of my license with the new name / address for the DEA.

The Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine will not automatically notify other state agencies, licensing boards, or federal agencies of your change of address. It is the responsibility of the individual licensee or certification holder to contact his/her licensing/certifying agency and inform them of any changes pertinent to their ability to acquire and to continue to hold a license/certification issued by this Board.

I am moving to Idaho. Do you know of any clinics for sale?

The Board is not involved in the advertising and sale of veterinary practices. You may want to check with the IVMA (208) 922-9431 or check in the AVMA journals.

Veterinary Technology Licensure

What is the difference between the National Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE) and the Board's Jurisprudence Examination?

The Idaho Jurisprudence Examination is based on the Veterinary Practice Act for the State of Idaho. The VTNE tests the applicant on the coursework learned during the two-year course of study at an accredited veterinary technology college or university.

Are there any accredited Veterinary Technology schools in Idaho?
Yes, there is one AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program in Idaho:

  1. College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls

Certified Euthanasia

When is the next euthanasia/remote chemical capture certification?

The Board offers euthanasia technician certification and recertification in the spring of each year.

Remote chemical capture training is provided for the Board by the State of Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Veterinarian.

Does the Board handle DEA and Controlled Substance Registration?

Federal DEA Registrations and Idaho Controlled Substance registrations are issued and renewed by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Idaho Board of Pharmacy, respectively.

Continuing Education

Why do I have to submit continuing education credits? I have been a veterinarian long enough, I could teach the courses and I have a direct line to the college.

Rules for holding an active Idaho veterinary license apply to all licensees, no matter how long they have been actively practicing veterinary medicine.

When is my continuing education due?

Your annual renewal form indicates when your CE is due. The Board office staff can also look up your CE due date by your license number.

How do I get a course approved that I am interested in taking? How do I get a lecture/seminar approved that I will be giving?

Check the Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) provided by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards to see if the course is already listed as an approved course. If not, have the provider contact the Board office for pre-approval. There is an electronic form available from the Board office.

Can I fax the continuing education credits I just earned to you?

No, supporting documentation for compliance with continuing education requirements shall be retained at least until December 31 following the two-year (2) renewal period covered by the course. Renewal periods will be audited each year that CE is due. A percentage of the renewals will be required to provide the board suppporting documentation of completed courses within thrity (30) days of notification.

Does the Board have a list of courses it approved?

Please contact the Board office for a copy of approved courses or more information.