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Euthanasia and Restraint Certification

CETF-sponsored certification sessions and materials to prepare an applicant for certification as a CET are available on an as-needed basis, typically in the spring of each year. Certification sessions include information in the following areas:


  • The theory and history of euthanasia methods
  • Animal anatomy
  • Proper animal handling to ease trauma and stress
  • Dosages of chemical agents, record keeping and documentation of usage, storage, handling, and disposal of out-dated drugs and their containers, instruments and equipment used in their administration in accordance with the Idaho Board of Pharmacy laws and rules, and the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Proper injection techniques
  • Proper use and handling of approved euthanasia drugs and equipment

Remote Chemical Capture

Law enforcement personnel CETs must complete Board and CETF-approved training on remote chemical capture techniques in order to obtain and use restraint drugs. Training on remote chemical capture must include:

  • An overview of remote chemical capture
  • Description and basic mechanism of action of approved drugs
  • Laws, regulations, and rules governing remote chemical capture
  • Post-injection care
  • Proper use and handling of approved restraint drugs and equipment
  • Human safety
  • Tactics and strategy
  • Delivery systems and equipment

For more information on the next available training session, contact the Board office directly.

April 12, 2019
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