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Continuing Education

Continuing Credits must be reported to the BOVM Office every two years. To determine in which year you should report, refer to the year in which your license/certificate was first issued. If it was issued in an even-numbered year, your CE credits will be due on even-numbered years. If it was issued in an odd-numbered year, your CE redits will be due on odd-numbered years. Licensees will complete the section of the renewal form in the year that your CE is due. Please retain your certificates of completion until December 31 following the end of your CE reporting cycle. In order to ensure compliance, the Board staff will randomly audit CE reporting forms between July 1 and December 31 following the end of each CE reporting cycle. Please contact the BOVM Office if you need assistance.

April 12, 2019

Submit a Class for Pre-approval

If you wish to take a class for CE credit, submit the approval form at least two week prior to the date of the program.

Minimum Continuing Education Requirements

The table below lists the minimum continuing education requirements for each two-year recertifcation period.

  Total CE Units Required Maximum Units Allowed in Practice Management Maximum Units Allowed to be Earned Online
VET 20 6 15
CVT 14 4 10